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No matter the type of cut you need to be done to your hair, there is somebody in our shop that can take care of you. We understand cutting your hair is a sensitive subject and trust others to do it is very tough. However, here at The Look, you can trust our stylists to give you the finished product you are looking for. We are a team of experienced and reliable individuals that produce satisfactory hair cutting jobs.   We will give you the best hair cut in Iowa City, IA.

Examples of the types of hair cutting services we can do for you are listed below:

 If you are preparing for the hot summer days or just prefer the lower style of haircuts, we can give you great pixie cut options. This is a cute style that requires low maintenance after getting and is something that you can actually get creative with. Whether you want your pixie to allow for slight curls at the top or for a small swoop across your forehead, we have you covered.

Bobs are very popular hairstyles that people come in for when needing a cut. Whether you are looking for a short bob, or a longer bob with an A-line cut, we will have your bob looking gorgeous.

 If your bangs are getting a little too long for your liking but do not trust yourself to give them the servicing they need, feel free to come in for bang trimming from one of our stylists.
If you are in need of just some hair maintenance, you can come in for a quick hair trim and we will be more than happy to help tighten you up.

Trust our beauty salon to give you the proper hair cutting treatment you want.

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